Floodplain meadows are not widespread in Estonia because of the scarceness of large rivers. The flooding duration of smaller rivers is mostly quite short and the amount of dregs too small, these conditions do not guarantee the necessary environment needed for the development of floodplain meadows. These communities are more common in western and southern Estonia (the largest ones on the banks of the Emajõgi and the Pedja river). The largest flooded meadows of western Estonia belong to the river basin of the Kasari. Very few floodplain meadows can be found in northern Estonia.

In 1960ies the area of flooded meadows was presumably 83 000 ha. According to the inventory performed in 1978-81 the area had decreased to 27 584 ha. The inventory made by Estonian Fund for Nature (ELF) in 1993-1996 showed that the area of floodplain meadows in good or satisfying conditions is about 12 500 ha.