About 70 ha of wooded meadows have survived on nature protection areas. The Laelatu wooded meadow in the nature protection area of Laelatu-Puhtu-Nehatu is most probably one of the most well-known wooded meadows of Estonia. On average 15 ha has been mown there every year. On Laelatu wooded meadow are situated the study sites, that have been investigated for tens of years. The equipment of the research station of Laelatu enables to carry on several studies on ecology, geography and meteorology.

The wooded meadows of Tagamõisa and Viidumäe nature reserves are most famous wooded meadows of Saaremaa Island. The preservation of Viidumäe wooded meadows has been maintained by working camps. Largest areas of flooded wooded meadows can be found in Soomaa National Park. The landscape protection areas of Vahenurme and Nedrema are in the preparation stage.

Difficulties in the conservation of wooded meadows appear because profits concerning biodiversity are indirect and the evaluation of economical benefits is complicated. But expenditures are concrete and need immediate investments. Compensation for mowing is most probably the only possibility to guarantee the management of wooded meadows in modern times. The further maintenance of those unique communities is a mission of both governmental institutions as well as non-governmental organisations.